The adverse effect of climate change is being observed around the world which led to Middle East and North Africa region (as defined by World Bank, 2003) countries to come together to accelerate their efforts to implement Paris Agreement. The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) COP 27 at Egypt and COP 28 to be held in the United Arab Emirates have taken the baton from the European nations to follow Net Zero targets through sustainable measures to preserve the environment. As the region embarks on its energy transition journey, there are several challenges which would be faced by the decision makers, regulatory bodies, industry players, consumers etc.


MENA Energy Storage Alliance's vision is to enable the key stakeholders in making the region a global hub for emerging technologies in the energy sector, Energy Storage, e-Mobility and Hydrogen. Create awareness, promote R&D, manufacturing and investments to enable faster decarbonization of all linked sectors.


The Alliance aims to create awareness of the latest technologies, encourage industry partnership, and access to global expertise for meeting Net Zero Targets in the MENA region.

Objectives of MENA ESA

Cooperation & Collaboration

To enable cooperation and collaboration between the stakeholders operating in the Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, e-Mobility, charging infrastructure and Hydrogen ecosystems

Connect Financial Institutions & Investors

To connect the financial institutions, investors with the manufacturers, project developers in the Middle East North Africa region

Create Awareness & Demand

To create awareness and demand generation

Partnership Support

To support technology partnerships with global players and encourage local R&D


To encourage and create an ecosystem for local manufacturing

Skill Development

To support skill development in the emerging tech sectors by collaboration with IESA Academy